Skin Care Secrets that will save you $$$ or ££

One of the best money saving secrets I learned during our time in the UK was how to drastically cut cost on skin care. I have always preferred a whole foods ethic to what we eat as a family, however I never thought much about whole foods for my skin.

Well it doesn’t get more whole foods than this. With three simple ingredients that can be found quite inexpensively you can cut your skin care budget down to less than $30 per year. These ingredients are some that are used for everyday cooking anyway so you may not notice any cost at all because the amount used for skin care is so minimal.

Gather together three small make up travel jars. Fill them with these three ingredients and then thoroughly clean them between refillings. You will be amazed at how long they last.

1. Light Virgin Olive Oil – This product is amazing as an eye make up remover. It can also be used as a over night moisterizer.

2. Local Raw Honey- Raw honey is packed with beneficial bacteria that clean out pores when used as a mask. I have skin that is still prone to breakouts and was amazed at how quickly my face cleared up after using this mask once per week. I will say that as soon as I rub it in my face some unexpected visitor will appear at my door. Happens nine times out of ten. The honey that is used for skin care must be RAW honey, local sources are best. In Durham we purchased it at the local farmer’s market in Market Square. Raw Honey has not been “cooked” nor had any syrups added to it. Most honey in grocery stores is NOT raw and will NOT work as a face mask. Apply honey to a fresh cleaned face and rub in slightly. It will not drip off as you might think. Leave in place at least 20 minutes. Remove with a warm damp face cloth. Face flannel for my UK friends.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil- I have found this product at our local supermarket next to the Crisco, of all things. Apply to dry make up laden face and rub in well. Wash clean with a warm, wet face cloth. It leaves the skin so smooth and soft. Keep the coconut oil cool and it will remain a solid white cream. It does become a liquid when warmed. Keep only a small bit in a clean jar for your face. The rest you can use in the kitchen to make amazing popcorn or rice crispy treats. Just about any recipe that calls for shortening you can use this wonder oil in its place.

I began this face regiment over one year ago as a cost saving measure. However, I am so pleased with results as a wholistic face care that I will continue this approach in my own routine. This approach has even helped teenage acne. Small amounts of raw honey can be rubbed in problem areas and left over night. Amazing results in the morning without irritating skin.

What are your natural face care products? Let me know. I would love to try some others.





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