Fall Break Adventures

Well, it isn’t exactly a field trip Friday outing but it was an adventure and we learned a lot about our home state, Alabama.  She is called Alabama the beautiful and, we can say, with good reason.  We ended the first quarter of school and had a break between quarters and headed out of town for a bit of camping.

On Sunday we were as far south as you can get in Alabama, the Gulf Coast.


The Gulf Coast near our southern town.

By Monday afternoon we were in the northeastern corner of our state at DeSoto State Park.  This beautiful park is situated near Fort Payne, Alabama and lovely Lookout Mountain.

We knew there was a storm coming on Monday night so we made our camp as secure as possible and set in to weather it out.


Zoe the great protector and travel buddy.

It rained fairly hard Monday night (inside and outside our tent).  Our sweet dog kept hoping up in the night to shake her fur dry and then return to her self given job of sleeping across the kid’s feet to keep them warm.  The second night she did not really want to go into the tent at bedtime.  She looked at me and then the tent ceiling and backed out as if to say, “Crazy people!  This room rains at night.”

It was still raining on Tuesday morning so we and our camping friends drove into the nearby town of Scottsboro to find out if some place that we had only read about really existed.  Tomorrow I will tell you ALL about the unique place we found there.

Till Then Cheers,



4 responses to “Fall Break Adventures

  1. You know my version of camping. Going to a hotel without room service. No rain in those rooms Zoe would love it.

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