Hay Day


Last weekend we got the call that we wait for each fall. Time to make hay while the sun shines. A local farmer gives his hay buyers a heads up a few days before “Hay Day”. We try to pick up enough hay each fall to feed our horse through the winter. Winters are very mild here in the south, however the grass does quit growing as soon as the days grow shorter. My horse is quite old and a very “easy keeper”. It only takes about a bale per week to keep her going all winter. The grass will start growing well again in late March. You don’t want to get stuck buying hay in February or March at the feed store because as the winter moves on the hay prices go up. Picking the hay up in the field as it is being baled is always the best way to go.

The baler drops the hay in 10 bale pods. The most fun part for Joshua is driving the truck to each pod to pick up the next hay. It is a hay field so there is nothing to run in to and no need for a driver’s license. Many a local teenager got to take their first drive this way. At 13 it is a fun thing to drive the truck in a hay field.

We picked up hay for our horse and two neighbors horses. We got to my first neighbor’s house and her horse and pony came running to check out the fresh winter’s hay supply.

A bit of work but a fun fall day.


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