15 th Century Catapult

The kids have grown fascinated with the history of this beautiful area. Well we all have. Having the castle and cathedral in our own town is amazing to us. More ancient history than that is nearly at our back door. The nearby town of Corbridge has a fantastic Roman fort and museum and is close to Hadrian’s wall.

Today during our history time Joshua and Meg are constructing a model of a 15th century catapult.


We will let you know how it turns out.


Later tonight some new friends who are also students at Durham are coming over with their families for a Tex Mex dinner. We are looking forward to sharing good food and fellowship together. I have a full crock pot of black beans cooking. I’ll use half to make black refried beans. It is starting to smell good in here.

Tonight I will post pictures of the completed catapult.


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